Tuesday, 19 June 2012

It feels Like Forever….

Since I last blogged.. Now the wedding is over I thought I would be able to get back to doing some crafting but then a few things happened.

As a Nan to be!! (Due November) I have be nominated to create for the new baby grandbean. SO I am now engrossed in stitching a tatty Ted cot bumper On 27ct Evenweave.

Cute & cuddly is not my bag really when stitching, but for the amount of different charts I need, TT fits the bill and is baby orientated.. I did think of doing Newton as he appeals to me more but on closer inspection his whimsy comments were not appropriate.

Now this came just as I had agreed & signed up to a birthday exchange, I had an idea to send not only the required card but also a little hand made gift, I have the complete set of Victoria’s sampler birthday needle rolls and thought this would be a good way to use each months chart by making a needle roll. I had 3 birthday exchanges in June so needed 3 needle rolls.

That was fine till i discovered they were not one nighters!!!, because of this Peddler suffered. I also got the bug for card making and lost a whole weekend to that.

So since my last blog, Peddler has suffered, Home sweet Home is on the backburner, I'm fitting in my needle rolls & birthday exchange commitments as n when & working on this cot bumper at night.

One may be a tad overstretched.

*Pics to Follow.

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