Sunday, 30 September 2012

Tatty Ted Afghan Pt. 5

Still ploughing on with this, although its not taking that long per panel it feels like ages.

On top of this, I have a commissioned bear I need to finish by the 5th but the lack of arrival of the toosh tags I ordered has hampered things.

I have also signed up to a Teddy exchange, I can feel a miniature bear coming on & it will be good practice.

Anyway Afghan Panel 5

Afghan 5 - dandilion


Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Tatty ted Afghan Pt. 4–star Hugs

Afghan 4 - Star Hug

this is the 4th panel, I have been working on over the last couple of nights. Now on to Part 5. won’t take long to finish.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Catch Up chat–September

Well I have been so busy this last few weeks, with birthdays, new cars, fishing & family, there are just not enough hours in the day to do all that I want.

I have been commissioned to make a bear, a replica of wellington I made for my Due grandson in November. This bear needs to be ready for October 5th so I should get on with it, all the parts have arrived, and I have already sewn the head & one leg although the foot pads need to go in. I think I shall tackle the foot & paw pads next, as then when I get on to the arms & legs I won’t have to stop.

My gold work project is still on hold, I am itching to get going on that but Christmas is coming and my lot have hinted they all want bears.

Peddler – well that is also suffering & on hold. Its getting ruined on the frame and wont be worth a toss when its finally done at this rate,

Home sweet Home, again another much wanted project – Idle.

My stitching / crafting is my time, I thought I had finished stitching for the family, and that I could now settle down and branch out with my stitching, trying different aspects, so I'm a bit disappointed that the projects I had planned have all had to go on hold..

Once all my commitments are done, I am back to my time again & commissions.

More cards

For the card exchange.

Ann's card 2Ann's card

Anne’s card

claire card for exchange

Claire’s card.

Tatty Ted Afghan Part. 2 & 3

I have been so busy lately that I have not had time to blog, I have been plodding on with the Afghan & completed Pt. 3 today & am already prepped for Pt4.

Here is the afghan Progress so far

Afghan 2 -watching

Pt. 2 Watching

Afghan 3 - crawling

Pt. 3 – Crawling.

I am trying to fit this in with a bear commission, there are not enough hours in the day.

Friday, 14 September 2012

A few recent cards

I have been making a lot of condolence cards lately. so In memory of June

june forum card 1

Tatty Ted Afghan

Now that the bumper is finished, I am working on a matching Afghan, I shall wait till I have finished this before making the bumper & quilt up to the final finish.

I have 11 more tatty’s to go and a name panel.

Afghan 1 - hugs.

All of my other projects are once again on hold till this is finished..

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Back to Peddler……….

Now that I am waiting for the afghan fabby to arrive I have had time to get back on Peddler.

It is so dirty!!, it has spent months on the frame, I have had to move it about the house and we have decorated and it is filthy.

I have decided not to wash it. I have sponged it off, then carried on. I once washed a piece mid job and it never did look right..

i shall do a tepid wash first, then plunge in cold to make sure the colours are fast, then go for a hotter hand wash. Then I can block & dry it for framing..

Next Haed I shall be looking at a cloth to cover it. The threads will come back up I am sure and as I always frame to the edge and leave no boarder, I am not so worried about the ground fabric.

A New project Idea.

Now that the bumper is done and I will soon be off baby stitching for a while, I have decided for my gold work project ground fabric to be black velvet.

I had decided to do the Tudor Rose that I saw on Mary Corbett's Needle & thread site. She made a lovely job of it and in her recent newsletter she has been show a heirloom piece that is worked on red velvet. She has been examining the piece and answering commenters questions on it.

The work is done on a slip then cut away and edged in gold. After considering the reds /blues/ pinks/white & gold's of the Tudor Rose I have decided that a good ground fabric is black velvet. It will be easy to work on a slip and I shall use this piece to display in the lid of a wooden box which I had planned to line with velvet.

Anyway As soon as I can I shall start to prep for this piece. I am quietly planning it, so that when it comes to working the piece it will be something good.. Normally I have a brilliant Idea and rush straight in and sometimes the piece is not as perfect as I would like.

Anyway its another idea that has worked its way up the to-do list.  & I am looking forward to working it,.

Cot Bumper Finished

Yay!!! I am finally finished with the cot bumper. All that is left to do is to make it up. Next I start on the matching afghan but I am awaiting fabby arrival.

Here is the finished sections. its hard to take a decent photo as it is 1. 5 mtrs long.

finished pt 1 2

finished pt 1