Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Wildflower Panel Tutorial. Panel 12 Daffodils, Lavender & violas.

Panel 12 - Daffodils, Lavender and Violas.

Materials Used

DMC 470.

GB Ribbons / Pale yellow, Sage, Purple, Mint. Blue

Yellow Organza Ribbon.

Gold / Silver seed beads.


So we start with the daffodil stems, using sage ribbon, I made twisted straight stitches for the leaves. Then I worked the daffodil Petals using pale yellow ribbon and detached chain stitch. So we end with this

Next was to make the daffodil bells, taking a 6cm length of organza

Fold it over, a tack stitch the ends together, then run a tacking stitch along one edge

Pull the thread and gather stitches, open the bell and stitch the back closed leaving a long tail this will be used to attach to the ground fabric

Make 2 of these bells, and attach them to the ground fabric, ending with this

Next taking DMC 470, I stem stitched the lavender stems, and wrapped a couple of the stems.

next I used the blue 3mm ribbon to make small flat ribbon stitches to denote the lavender. I made a few below the plant to denote dropped lavender.

Next came the violas, I made 3 petals using the purple ribbon, making detached chains close together, and then changed to the pale lemon to make the last petal on each Viola. I then added a gold or silver bead to middle of each flower, ending with this

And so ends panel 12 - all that is left to do to complete this project is to use a lavender organza ribbon to separate each panel, and attach the spider to panel 1. I will do this over the next week or so and post a final update when completed.

So I hope you have enjoyed following my progress on a new project, and may even investigate and have a go yourself.

Thanks for following.


Monday, 2 June 2014

Wildflower Panel, Ribbon & Stumpwork Tutorial–Panel 11–Pansy, tulips and Butterfly

Panel 11 Tulips, Pansy & Butterfly.

Materials used.

DMC - 955 / 211 / 209 / 3755 / 3727 / 3733 / 793 / white
Anchor - 300

Cake wire

Scrap Net or Organza

Scrap cotton.

4 droplet beads

GB ribbon, red / mint green

The first thing was to trace the pansy petals on the spare cotton, along with stumpwork leaves as you can see I marked them up in order for putting together. Starting with the Pink Pansy I used, 3733 to long and short button hole stitch around the edges of each petal then filled it with long and short stitch to fill using 3727, white & 793.

I did the same again with 211 & 209 for the lilac pansy. The leaves were done in satin stitch with 955

There were a couple of leaves on the ground fabric so they were satin stitched with 955.

Next was to cut out the pansy petals and leaves close to the edge as we have done previously and attach them to the ground fabric. Make make 19 wrap bullions in Anchor 300 yellow to fill the center. All petals and leaves are stitched to ground fabric

Next I raided my bead stash and found droplet beads and attached them for the Tulip shape, using red Ribbon and a ribbon stitch, I covered the beads to form the tulips

Next was to make the tulip stems, in mint green ribbon, I think I chose a too wide ribbon here and could have twisted the stems, but I was bored, in a foul mood and CBA.

Next came the butterfly wings, I traced the outline on to the netting, couched cake wire using 793 and over sewed the cake wire. Then filled some detail on the wings with straight stitch and French knots ending with this

I cut them out close to the stitching, then stitched the body of the butterfly with French knots in 793, and attached the wings, I added a few seed stitches under the tulips and so we end with this

The Tulips got right up my nose, I am not happy with the stems but there we are.

Now on to the last panel, daffodils, lavender and violas. Soon be over now.