Saturday, 28 July 2012

Bookmark Card for Exchange.

Another new one for the Birthday Exchange. I’m the next birthday on the list as there is no one listed for August.

From the Docrafts Tulip /. Hot Diggerty Dawg CD.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Back to Bears

I'm waiting on a delivery of Fur & roving to make a birthday bear for the baby grand bean. I’d really like to do something with my bear making and eventually sell some. either the ones I make randomly or by commission.

Anyway to get back in the mood for bear making I knocked out this little mini bear head this afternoon from scraps.

He is now a phone charm

Mum’s Birthday Card


Another Tulip /Boofle combine from my Do crafts disks. I made the butterfly’s from scrap ribbon & head pins from my jewellery making stash.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

OMG this so clever……….

Making your own rubber stamps. I mean so simple yet so Clever.

Die Cutting–I succumbed……..

well I happened to catch a show on create n craft for a Spellbinders Grand Calibre Die cutting Machine.

Fatal – it was the middle of the night & I was watching in bed whilst J was snoring. Anyway I did look for a cheaper option all over the place but these things are SO expensive. Never one do things the easy or cheap way I succumbed yesterday and ordered the Grand Calibre deal for £150 quid on flexi pay.

yes I know its a lot of money, I know, I’m still worried I wont get the use of it BUT i have discovered that I can use for my Bears.

How you ask Рwell, I will be able to cut felt with it, so not only is there the opportunity to do flower hair bands for lady bears there is also the use of personalising bears with felt lettering I can appliqu̩ on the feet.

SO When I FINALLY get the balls to start trying to sell my crafts, beading,, cards & Bears I'm hoping to recoup the cost eventually.

The only questions remaining is How to go about selling & when will my grand calibre arrive!.

Tulip Bubble Bath Birthday Card

I have been playing with my Docrafts Tulip & friends Cd Rom lately & am quite enjoying it. Digital Designer which comes as part of the disk or can be downloaded from the Docrafts website, is clean, clear & pretty easy to use.

Unlike Disks like Crafters companion, you can do a lot more with DD, the only thing that I have found so far that I don’t like is that you can’t do bendy text around toppers etc. when you are creating. I tend to do my bendy text in Ms Publisher save as a Jpg & import to DD.

Anyway enough yapping this is my latest easel card using Tulip designs, I don’t normally like girly stuff but am quite taken with Tulip & Hot Diggerty Dawg.

claire birthday card exchange tulip

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

I attempted Knitting again…..

well I tried, but I’ve given it up as a bad job, I can knit, I can read the pattern, its just putting the 2 together that beats me, its got more holes than a colander so I shall abandon it & revert back to the Matching afghan to go with the cot bumper instead of a knitted blanket.

Bumsville Sad smile

Saturday, 7 July 2012


I'm not a journalist, kept a diary only twice ever in my life once as a kid & once as an adult, it was discovered & read both times & the grief it caused –its just not worth it…….

Anyway I have been playing again this afternoon & decided to make a Journal from scratch. It even has a ring binder thingamabob in the middle.

Using A5 card, more board actually that I had as cut offs in my box & some Papers I came up with this so far.

outside before decorating

inside before filling

Now it’s not finished by far, needs bling & decoration, I'm thinking about Do crafts Tulip & friends, It looks like I’ve covered a ring binder but honest its not. Anyway I decided to save on my card stock ( I use loads when crafting) & buy some A5 tabbed dividers so that I can cover them with papers. Of course there will be some ribbon too.

Anyway this is on going, I also have the bones of a Book card too, which I will post pics of as I go.

Cot Bumper Project Update

So, I am still continuing to work on the Cot Bumper for my Grandson due November, Peddler is suffering badly at this point and has practically gone on hold for the foreseeable.

Here is Part 4 side 1 & finish of part 1.

I now move on to the head piece next. Once all 3 sides are done I shall decide if there are any buttons or extras that need to be added before I get to grips with lining & backing it when Making up.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Had A Quick Play

Had a chance to have a play the other night, a prototype if you like.

I knew my bookatrix board would come in handy for more than books!! Needs refining but I like the idea.

More Birthday Card Exchange Stuff

Its my Friend Kath’s birthday tomorrow, unfortunately having been down the hospital most of the week,, my crafting time has been disrupted. So it was a rush job this morning to get Kath's bits finished so I could post. It will be late but that's ok.

Kath loves fairies so I have made a frame card from my Crafters Companion fairyopolis CD.

New Boofle paper craft CD

I recently brought a load of new crafting disks. Today I have been playing with Boofle on my Docrafts CD rom.

I quite like easel cards. This is for a birthday exchange.

Hospital Drama

Monday Morning saw a dash to the local hospital, as my pregnant daughter was taken in early hours of the morning with breathing problems,

They thought she might have a blood clot, so kept her in 3 days to check, after various scans, all was clear but not after she’d had warfarin injections. Bit of panic stations there for a while but all is fine & its business as usual.

Today was her scan to determine the sex of the baby, & I shall be Nanny to Callum in November. Kim spent the afternoon buying blue baby clothes.

Whilst she was Ill I knocked up this Boofle card with my new Docrafts Cd rom

(it got wet as she got out the car.