Saturday, 7 July 2012


I'm not a journalist, kept a diary only twice ever in my life once as a kid & once as an adult, it was discovered & read both times & the grief it caused –its just not worth it…….

Anyway I have been playing again this afternoon & decided to make a Journal from scratch. It even has a ring binder thingamabob in the middle.

Using A5 card, more board actually that I had as cut offs in my box & some Papers I came up with this so far.

outside before decorating

inside before filling

Now it’s not finished by far, needs bling & decoration, I'm thinking about Do crafts Tulip & friends, It looks like I’ve covered a ring binder but honest its not. Anyway I decided to save on my card stock ( I use loads when crafting) & buy some A5 tabbed dividers so that I can cover them with papers. Of course there will be some ribbon too.

Anyway this is on going, I also have the bones of a Book card too, which I will post pics of as I go.

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