Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Been Busy…..

Have been working on the cot bumper. The middle section took what seemed like forever,, but was about 3 weeks. Thank god there was no backstitch to be done on this section.

middle section done

I have since moved on to the last panel, this is the same as the first just with different teds. I have now completed 2 of them, leaving me 2 to do.

Hugs par1 side 2

Dummy part 2 side 2 -2

I now have the problem of what I am going to put on the afghan, a lot of the side panel, TT’s are from the TT baby afghan, I suppose I could go back through the stash and find more TT’s that would fit.

At the moment I am so sick of TT. I am also missing Peddler which has had to go on hold while I complete all this baby stuff.

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