Saturday, 22 September 2012

Catch Up chat–September

Well I have been so busy this last few weeks, with birthdays, new cars, fishing & family, there are just not enough hours in the day to do all that I want.

I have been commissioned to make a bear, a replica of wellington I made for my Due grandson in November. This bear needs to be ready for October 5th so I should get on with it, all the parts have arrived, and I have already sewn the head & one leg although the foot pads need to go in. I think I shall tackle the foot & paw pads next, as then when I get on to the arms & legs I won’t have to stop.

My gold work project is still on hold, I am itching to get going on that but Christmas is coming and my lot have hinted they all want bears.

Peddler – well that is also suffering & on hold. Its getting ruined on the frame and wont be worth a toss when its finally done at this rate,

Home sweet Home, again another much wanted project – Idle.

My stitching / crafting is my time, I thought I had finished stitching for the family, and that I could now settle down and branch out with my stitching, trying different aspects, so I'm a bit disappointed that the projects I had planned have all had to go on hold..

Once all my commitments are done, I am back to my time again & commissions.

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