Saturday, 1 September 2012

A New project Idea.

Now that the bumper is done and I will soon be off baby stitching for a while, I have decided for my gold work project ground fabric to be black velvet.

I had decided to do the Tudor Rose that I saw on Mary Corbett's Needle & thread site. She made a lovely job of it and in her recent newsletter she has been show a heirloom piece that is worked on red velvet. She has been examining the piece and answering commenters questions on it.

The work is done on a slip then cut away and edged in gold. After considering the reds /blues/ pinks/white & gold's of the Tudor Rose I have decided that a good ground fabric is black velvet. It will be easy to work on a slip and I shall use this piece to display in the lid of a wooden box which I had planned to line with velvet.

Anyway As soon as I can I shall start to prep for this piece. I am quietly planning it, so that when it comes to working the piece it will be something good.. Normally I have a brilliant Idea and rush straight in and sometimes the piece is not as perfect as I would like.

Anyway its another idea that has worked its way up the to-do list.  & I am looking forward to working it,.

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