Saturday, 1 September 2012

Back to Peddler……….

Now that I am waiting for the afghan fabby to arrive I have had time to get back on Peddler.

It is so dirty!!, it has spent months on the frame, I have had to move it about the house and we have decorated and it is filthy.

I have decided not to wash it. I have sponged it off, then carried on. I once washed a piece mid job and it never did look right..

i shall do a tepid wash first, then plunge in cold to make sure the colours are fast, then go for a hotter hand wash. Then I can block & dry it for framing..

Next Haed I shall be looking at a cloth to cover it. The threads will come back up I am sure and as I always frame to the edge and leave no boarder, I am not so worried about the ground fabric.

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  1. Oh no! I'm sure you'll sort it out! I plan to cover mine in a pillow case rather than go through the rigmaroll of taking it apart and then putting back together again!

    Looking forward to updates xx


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