Monday, 14 April 2014

Wildflower Ribbon Stump work Tutorial

So I thought I'd take you on a journey with me through the wild flower panel, some of these stitches are new to me so your have a ring side seat as I bugger it up. Pull up a chair grab your cuppa and lets get started

Panel 1

The Aloe & The Spider.

Design is transferred, backed with muslin and put on a frame

This is what I am using for the Aloe & Spider web - 26 gauge cake wire, DMC 966 / 3341 / 760 / Metallic Thread / Spider charm

Stems complete

These wires are not couched to the fabric, they are secured at the bottom then wound with 2 strands to the top then secured.

The Aloe is made with bullion knots
Bring the needle up at the front

Take it up and catch a stitch bringing the point out where you first started

I'm doing a 10 wrap Bullion so make 10 wraps around the needle

Keep your thumb on the wraps as you pull the needle through, as the thread bunches up lay the bullion in the direction you want then take the needle down where you want the tip of the bullion to go to secure it.

The first Aloe flowers

I can see a couple of gaps but I can fill them in.

So I'll complete the 3rd aloe flower and then move on to the leaves which are open based picots. I'm not happy with those free floating stems so once all the stitching is done, I shall go back, sort the stems and couch them down with invisible thread.

In the large area to the right of the aloe, there is a spiders web, the metallic silver will be used for that, I looked in my stash but couldn't find any spider charms and have had to buy some off eBay, hopefully they will arrive before I get to the web part.

So that's as far as I got, I'll post again when I start the leaves and show you these picots.


For bullion knots always use a straw / Milliners needle, these don't taper so the wraps slip off easily when your pulling the thread through.

Wires - watch out for sharp bits as your working.

Transferring design by taping to a window - Beware its a killer on your arms.

Next Post - Open &; Closed Base woven Picot leaves.

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