Monday, 14 April 2014

Wildflower–Ribbon Stump work Tutorial–Panel 3 Part 1

Panel 3 Narcissus, Lilly & ladybird.

Supplies: DMC 420 / 834/ 729 - 3mm groves & banks khaki ribbon &3mm Groves & banks cream ribbon.

So starting with the Basket of the Narcissus, Using 1 strand of 420 I made vertical lines down the basket and then stem stitched around the outline. The basket is done with whipped spiders web stitches in rows, so carrying on with the same thread, and starting on the right side at the top, take the needle under the 1st bar,

bring the needle back over the 1st bar again but make sure the working thread is below the needle

then gently pull to gather up the thread

keep going across the basket, at the edge make the last stitch then take your needle through to the back then across to the right starting a new row.

(had a malfunction with camera here so a bit of a break.)

Once the basket is woven just fill the top with some French knots, 1 strand, I used 720 for this, and then it was on to the leaves, these are twisted ribbon stitch which we did in a previous panel, so no explanations needed.

with that done out the way it was time to tackle the narcissus flower, these are ribbon stitch done with cream ribbon, and very easy to do.
Come up at the inner edge of the petal at A, lay the ribbon across the petal guided by the pencil marks then put the needle in the ribbon at B just below the petal edge, we are stitching through the ribbon

remember when working with ribbon, you must use a needle with a big eye so that the ribbon can go through itself or the fabby smoothly.

Make ribbon stitches for each petal, working over the leaves, doing 2 stitches per petal to cover, the end result looks like this

Now make one large French knot in the center of each flower with 729 & 3 wraps and then fill in small French knots surrounding the middle one with 844 &1 or 2 wraps to fill the centres.

now here you can see in the basket a few more French knots are needed to fill up

I left it like this when I began the twisted ribbon leaves & stems as I didn't know what the placement would be like till it was done, so now I can just fill up the ground with more tiny French knots which I will do when I move on to the Lilly basket.

And the Narcissus is complete, it didn't take too long to do either.

next time, The Lilly & ladybird

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