Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Wildflower Panel Tutorial. Panel 12 Daffodils, Lavender & violas.

Panel 12 - Daffodils, Lavender and Violas.

Materials Used

DMC 470.

GB Ribbons / Pale yellow, Sage, Purple, Mint. Blue

Yellow Organza Ribbon.

Gold / Silver seed beads.


So we start with the daffodil stems, using sage ribbon, I made twisted straight stitches for the leaves. Then I worked the daffodil Petals using pale yellow ribbon and detached chain stitch. So we end with this

Next was to make the daffodil bells, taking a 6cm length of organza

Fold it over, a tack stitch the ends together, then run a tacking stitch along one edge

Pull the thread and gather stitches, open the bell and stitch the back closed leaving a long tail this will be used to attach to the ground fabric

Make 2 of these bells, and attach them to the ground fabric, ending with this

Next taking DMC 470, I stem stitched the lavender stems, and wrapped a couple of the stems.

next I used the blue 3mm ribbon to make small flat ribbon stitches to denote the lavender. I made a few below the plant to denote dropped lavender.

Next came the violas, I made 3 petals using the purple ribbon, making detached chains close together, and then changed to the pale lemon to make the last petal on each Viola. I then added a gold or silver bead to middle of each flower, ending with this

And so ends panel 12 - all that is left to do to complete this project is to use a lavender organza ribbon to separate each panel, and attach the spider to panel 1. I will do this over the next week or so and post a final update when completed.

So I hope you have enjoyed following my progress on a new project, and may even investigate and have a go yourself.

Thanks for following.


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